Design Incubation Workshop for Explaneta’s GREEN//CASE

In the middle of October, we dedicated a whole weekend to pushing R&D on the GREEN//CASE project. In a hybrid event, the local Explaneta team worked on the design, while receiving input and support via videoconferences from some of our external collaborators.

Design Incubation Workshop

Even though this was our first Design Incubation Workshop, we can report that it was a great success. The two intense days included a lot of fine-tuning of the CAD design, prototyping with our FDM printer, development of the electrical circuits, and even a brainstorming session on the business model.

Fortunately, we also found time for the obligatory coffee and even a few glasses of after-work drinks.

Thank you to our team on working so hard to get Explaneta one step closer to the Moon!

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