Merry Christmas from Explaneta!

Good news from the Explaneta office – the first ever Explaneta Christmas tree is up and decorated. In a bout of festive mood we’ve had a little Explaneta Christmas party on Friday afternoon. Designing and 3D printing some ornaments for our new tree was of course the first priority on the party schedule.

We all agree that it looks amazing, but did you know that printing Christmas decorations was actually part of a study conducted by our CEO Sabrina Kerber last year during a HI-SEAS lunar simulation?

In collaboration with the additive manufacturing company MakerBot, Sabrina collected data for Explaneta to investigate how additive manufacturing could be leveraged to improve the psychological connection of astronauts with their home on Earth. Such a sense of belonging to Earth can make it a lot easier for the astronauts on the Moon, or even Mars, to deal with the great distance and isolation, as well as with the lack of seasons. One way to maintain this connection is to celebrate traditional seasonal holidays from Earth, such as Christmas. Decorating the lunar or Martian habitat accordingly is an important step in this process and can provide crucial mental benefits. By using additive manufacturing technology, seasonal decorations can be manufactured depending on the astronaut’s cultural backgrounds, moods, and personal preferences. 

So what are you waiting for – reach for the stars, print some ornaments, and celebrate Christmas like an astronaut!

We even have a little Christmas gift for all of you: If you want to 3D print your own Christmas ornaments, you can download the stl files of our designs below this post for free. Merry Christmas and a festive Advent from all of us at Explaneta Space Solutions!

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