Explaneta at Space Workshops in Vienna

On the second weekend of September, Explaneta was part of two workshops focussed on space research.

On Friday, Sept 18, the Galaxy Forum Europe took place at the Observatory of the University of Vienna. This workshop, co-organized by the International Lunar Observatory Association (ILOA) and the International Lunar Exploration Working Group (ILEWG) focused on astronomy from the Moon, including technologies needed to achieve and maintain lunar research. One of our CEOs gave a talk on how analog missions can be used as test beds for extra-terrestrial research and design and introduced Explaneta Space Solutions to the audience.

On the following day, Sept 19, a Space Habitation workshop, organised by ILEWG’s EuroMoonMars, was hosted by the European Space Policy Institute (ESPI). Our CEO presented Explaneta’s main objectives, as well as the research related to them and current projects we are working on, under the headline Additive Manufacturing for Lunar Habitation.

Both talks were well received by the audience and the workshops resulted in fruitful discussions about our favourite topic – habitability during space exploration!

Workshop presentation
On-site participants at the Space Habitation workshop

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